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a reel as real as you

Showcase your specific strengths and talents

Showcase your specific strengths and talents

Highlight your personality and unique style

Highlight your personality and unique style

Flex to casting directors and choreographers

Flex to casting directors and choreographers

One-of-a-kind, bespoke dance demo reels

Self tapes and virtual submissions have become ubiquitous and are here to stay. Dancers need footage that showcases their talents and their individuality


Casting directors can’t get an idea of who you are or how you dance from a video shot from the booth at the back of the theatre with a dozen other dancers on stage. Videos from class are often low quality and less than professional.

With Reel AF, together we’ll create your new video calling card that is both professional and personalized. We’ll choose 2-4 styles of dance to showcase that align with your abilities, goals as a performer, and personal branding. From there you can bring in your own choreography or get fresh, original choreography made just for you. Once you’re rehearsed, comfortable, and confident, we’ll have a fabulous and joyful shoot. Within a week you’ll receive an edit to review and within another week you’ll have your final product:

your very own reel that is real af.

What's included?


A consultation to determine the 2-4 dance styles to showcase that align with your goals and personal branding.


Choreographic guidance and/or original choreography* in each style.


A 1-2 hour rehearsal to learn and perfect the choreography to be fully ready for the shoot.

Professional Filming and Editing

A 2-3 hour joyful and professional shoot. A draft to approve within a week.

Your New Demo Reel

A 1-1.5 minute edited final product that is FIRE.

How much is it?


*An additional $150 for original choreography.

Discounts for referrals, groups, or for any financial hardships.

Who is AF?


Hey! I’m Alyssa Fuhrman, she/her, a dancer, choreographer, and videographer living and playing in NYC. My enthusiasm for life and all of its quirks drives me as a performer, creator, and human. I believe passionately in the power of finding and sharing joy. 


As a performer myself, I know how important video reels are and have booked many gigs off virtual submissions. As someone who has also worked on the other side of the table, I know what choreographers, casting directors, and producers want to see from performers’ materials. I use my choreographic and creative eye when filming and editing to make dancers look their best.


Some favorite performing highlights: AIDA Cruises, Carnival Cruise Lines, Sandcastle Resort, Good Morning America, Live! with Kelly and Ryan, a live dance game show in China.


Some favorite creative highlights: Director/Choreographer for Iberostar Resorts, Associate Choreographer to Al Blackstone, Associate Choreographer for MSC Cruises, Associate Choreographer for Shooting Star: A Revealing New Musical, Videographer/Editor for New York Theatre Barn’s Choreography Lab.


Some favorite life things: cuddling with my cat Dusty (when she lets me), riding my bike Scout around the city in search of the plushiest grass--top two so far are Governors Island and McCarren Park, though I’d love to hear your contenders, the NYTimes crossword puzzle, and busting out Metallica at karaoke.

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